Here you can find important specialist terms for airport advertising for lookup in alphabetical order.

Advertising Agency Commission

By advertising agency commission is meant a fee that marketers pay to the agencies for the placement of orders. Stuttgart Airport pays 15 % agency commission (in German called AE) on all media prices.

Advertising Display Cases

Advertising display cases are cabinets for displaying three-dimensional advertising exhibits in the revolving doors in the entry and exit areas.

Airport InfoNet

Stuttgart Airport's Airport InfoNet broadcasts 19 hours of commercials and the latest news on politics, sports, the economy, panorama, weather, jobs & careers, travel, multimedia, people and cars. Here various networks, that vary with respect to media range and location, can be used.

Network 1 - Departure (279 screens)

Network 2 - Arrival (63 screens)

Network 3 - Business (171 screens)

Network 4 - Tourism (171 screens)

Network 5 - Whole Area (342 screens)

Airport Media Award

The Airport Media Award, awarded by the Initiative Airport Media for the best advertising campaign at airports in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is nominated by a decision maker from marketing or media from all that month's nominations. Agencies and advertisers can submit creative campaign online at

Quelle: Initiative Airport Media


Large-format printed material (PVC film or flag fabric) communicating an advertising message or a format of online advertising where an advertising graphic or image is embedded into a website.

Bit Rate

The bit rate is the quantity of digital data output that is transferred within one time unit. It is typically measured in bits per second, abbreviated to bit/s or bps. Please note that when sending advertising spots (end format wmv3) for the Airport InfoNet, the bit rate is 3.500 kbps.

City Lights

Free-standing, backlit, glazed advertising spaces that are placed in prominent positions in the outdoor area at Stuttgart Airport. The paper format is 119 cm x 175 cm and the paper thickness 150 g/m².

Continental Flights

The term continental flights reffers to flights within a continent. The most important transfer airports for Stuttgart Airport for continental flights are Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich and Amsterdam.

Corporate Site

The Corporate Site is an integrated advertising page for external companies within the Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH's website. This can be individually designed with the company's own images and texts.


The cost per mille (“CPM”) or thousand contact price (“TPM”) indicates what amount of money has to be paid for a promotional activity to reach 1,000 people in a target audience. 


The communication of an advertising message via several channels linked by content and design (e.g. airport advertising: advertising spaces combined with a leaflet distribution).

DIN EN 13501-1

An European standard for classifying building materials based on the fire behaviour of the materials. By means of this standard, the fire behaviour of building materials is classified into six classes from "non-flammable" to "easily inflammable". All exhibition and advertising objects and materials used at Stuttgart Airport must be at least classified as low flammability. See also "Fire Protecion Standard".

Exclusive Advertising

Exclusive Advertising means the exclusive placement of advertising without other advertisers in a specific area of Stuttgart Airport or else on the Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH website.

Exhibitions Spaces

High-traffic areas or spaces at Stuttgart Airport on which exhibits (e.g. cars, models etc.) can be presented.

Fire Prevention Standard

Regulations for the protection from the risks and effects of fires and explosions governed by the required legal obligations (see DIN EN 13501-1). At Stuttgart Airport all materials used (particularly for exhibits and similar items) must meet this DIN and must not have any sharp edges.


Residue-free removable advertising media used for example on glass areas or aluminium panels.

Frame Rate

The frame rate or frame frequency denotes the number of individual images recorded or reproduced per time unit. When sending advertising spots (end format wmv3) for the Airport InfoNet, please note that the frame rate is 25fps.

Frameless stretch fabric system

Frameless stretch fabric systems use the latest printer technology, where the graphics are printed with the aid of stretchable inks onto flexible fabrics. They can be easily stretched and tensioned into the Frameless Fabric System ensuring a wrinkle free display. At Stuttgart Airport this system is used for example for lightboxes and lightwalls.

Gateway Traffic

The most important transfer airports for Stuttgart Airport are Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Amsterdam, Paris and London.


An advertising medium that is given away for advertising purposes to customers and potential customers. If you are planning a campaign at Stuttgart Airport, please send us the promotional material in advance for approval.


The General Terms and Conditions ("GTC") specify the services of Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH and the advertiser and govern their cooperation.


Quelle: GTC of the Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH (Airport Media)

Initiative Airport Media

Initiative Airport Media bundles the interests of the airport marketers in order to achieve optimum positioning compared with other types of media and to enhance the airport marketing type by overall marketing campaigns. The members of the IAM include all airports of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Verkehrsflughäfen (ADV) as well as the airports of Vienna and Zurich. Together the 13 airports reach more than 200 million passengers annually in the German-speaking area.

Quelle: Initiative Airport Media

Intercontinental Flights

Flights between at least two continents are known as intercontinental flights.

The most important transfer airports for Stuttgart Airport for intercontinental flights are Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris and London.

Landscape format

A format that is higher than it is wide.

Large Banner

A large-format print (PVC film or flag fabric) communicating an advertising message. Large banners are often attached on façades of multi-storey car parks or other buildings.

At Stuttgart Airport banners of various sizes are available for your airport advertising in the outdoor and indoor area.


A name for the market launch of a new product or a new service.


The term "Lightbox" includes all (e.g. by means of LED) backlit advertising spaces at Stuttgart Airport.


The Lightwall is a 30 metre long backlit advertising space in the arrivals area of Terminal 1 (target audience: business travellers) covered with a tension fabric system. It is the largest backlit advertising space at Stuttgart Airport, consists of four parts and can be used exclusively. The minimum booking time is one month.

Here you can find out more: Lightwall


Large-format free-standing advertising spaces that are backlit and glazed and placed in prominent positions in the outdoor area. Format: 18-sheet poster (356 cm x 252 cm).


The Schengen Agreements are international agreements particularly for removing border control posts at the internal borders of the participating states. The term non-Schengen denotes states that do not belong to the Schengen area. At the border control different regulations apply to their citizens than to citizens from the Schengen area.

Online Advertising

Advertising that is disseminated in various forms on the internet.


The term out-of-home (in short: OOH media, DOOG digital out-of-home) denotes all advertising media in the public space. These include for example poster advertising, public transport advertising, digital outdoor advertising, street furniture (citylights, large illuminated spaces and columns etc.) as well as ambient media.

Quelle: FAW Fachverband Aussenwerbung e.V.


PAD is the abbreviation for production, assembly and dismantling. The PAD price is the total price for the production, assembly and dismantling of an advertising medium at Stuttgart Airport.

Page Impressions

Page impressions are a measure for users' activity. They show how often a web page is accessed with a web browser. Upon access, a user creates a page impression with each visit to the page.

Passenger Boarding Bridges

A passenger boarding bridge connects the airport building with the plane so that passengers and flight crew can board on the most direct and quickest route. At Stuttgart Airport there are a total of eight passenger boarding bridges that can be exclusively branded.

Production dimensions

The dimensions with which a specific object is produced. Depending on the medium, it may significantly differ from the visible dimensions.


A trial impression of a print product used for making corrections before final printing.

PVC foils

PVC foils are used for various purposes, for example as carrier material for large-format advertising prints.


The reach gives information about the number of passengers and visitors that have been reached at least once by a specific advertising medium.

Sales Promotion

By Sales Promotion are meant all time-limited promotional activities that are for the purpose of activating customers and increasing sales results or supporting other marketing measures.


A measure for sales promotion where product samples are given away to the passengers.


The Schengen Agreements are international agreements particularly for the removal of border control posts at the internal borders of the participating states. The term Schengen denotes states that belong to the Schengen area. At the border control different, regulations apply to their citizens than to citizens from the non-Schengen area.


The Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH's Airport InfoNet (AIN) includes a total of 342 screens or monitors and is bookable in various networks.


SMV refers to the German term "Spezialmittlervergütung". Hereby is meant a specialised advertising agency commission that marketers pay to the specialised agencies.


The amount of visitors and visits, which a web site receives.

Traget Audience

A specific group of market participants that reacts to marketing measures in a more homogeneous way than the whole market. The most important target audiences of airport advertising are one the one hand business travellers and on the other hand the city and holiday travellers. To this should be added meeters and greeters as well as the employees of Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH and other companies based at Stuttgart Airport.

Transmission Loop

The repeated transmission of certain content is denoted as a transmission loop. On the Airport InfoNet at Stuttgart Airport 20 minutes of commercials and the latest news on politics, sport, the economy, panorama, weather, jobs & careers, travel multimedia, people and cars are broadcast every hour. The individual news blocks are distributed evenly over the programme and broadcast between the commercials.

Transmission Time

The transmission time (04:30 am until 11 pm) on Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH's Airport InfoNet is 19 hours daily.

Upright format

A format where the width is smaller than the height.

Vinyl Mesh

Weatherproof vinyl mesh is translucent with low wind resistance and is therefore suitable for large-area printed advertising material that is attached to façades for example.

This material is also used for large banners in the outdoor area.

Visible Dimensions

Visible dimensions are the size of the advertising space actually visible (cf. production dimensions).

By visits is meant an access and view of a website or web page. Under the guidelines of the German advertising industry a visit is considered as terminated when no further access is carried out for 30 minutes.
Wall Spaces

Wall spaces are advertising spaces in the interior of Stuttgart Airport that placed onto the building walls.

Web Banner

A web banner or banner ad is a form of online advertising. On Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH's website it is a relatively large banner format (728 x 90 pixels) for online advertising that is placed on the upper third of the website.

Wide Skyscraper

A standardised banner format for online advertising with an image size of 160 x 600 pixels, on which advertising can be placed on the Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH's website.